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Butter Cream

Vanilla, strawberry, lemon, orange, chocolate, coffee (mocha), white
chocolate, raspberry, banana, peanut butter. Any color can be mixed with


blueberry, cherry, strawberry, lemon, apricot, pineapple, peach, black, cherry, raspberry, house-made apple sauce


chocolate, vanilla, banana (fresh banana mixed with vanilla custard) chocolate fudge.

Cannoli Cream

plain, chocolate, with tutti frutti or chocolate chips

Cream cheese

vanilla, strawberry, lemon, orange, chocolate, coffee (mocha),
caramel, raspberry, banana, peanut butter. We can also mix any color
with vanilla.


chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, mocha.


Ganache, White Chocolate, German Chocolate

Whipped Cream

chocolate, white (vanilla), lemon, mocha, strawberry, raspberry, white chocolate, any color mixed with white.

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